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Faux Pas Blog is a London-based music journal focusing on new music, interviews and insights into relevant and current artists. Originally a neglected Tumblr blog founded in 2009, in 2010 the site was relaunched with WordPress under the new banner Faux Pas Blog, with aims to provide weekly updates into the interesting world of music. Additionally FPB will be teaming up with respected publication The Ashbourne Identity to write exclusive articles for the magazine.

MP3 Disclaimer:
All MP3’s posted on the site are used for promotional purposes only and Faux Pas Blog encourages our readers to support the artist and purchase their music, if for some reason you deem the track to be used illegally or inappropriately then contact me and I will remove the link within 24 hours.

Photography / Art:
Faux Pas Blog tries to credit all photographers for the photos used on the site, unfortunately this is not always possible and if you feel your photo is being used inappropriately then contact me and I will remove it within 24 hours, alternatively if your photo is being used but you are happy to let FPB continue to use it then you can still contact me and I will give credit where credit’s due. The Faux Pas Blog banner is originally courtesy of WordPress and edited by Riley Dyt, the social icons are thanks to Janko At Warp Speed.

Thomas Woodward

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