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In the wake of Oxford five-piece Foals being Mercury nominated and breaking through to a somewhat main stream audience, there has been a wave of new bands trying to emulate similar success. In a recent NME article, the magazine labelled this “cult of musical souls”, e.g. this group of emerging bands. As the “Oxford Blessing Force”, the cream of the cult so far has been three-piece Trophy Wife. Having been 50% of Oxford act Jonquil, the band has since split off to pursue this delicate guitar dance combination in hope of greater things.

Sounding like the love child of The XX and Kate Bush, Trophy Wife members: Jody Prewett, Ben Rimmer and Kit Monteith. Have been together for less than a year but have already produced quite a stir. After supporting the likes of Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club, the band released their debut single “Microlite” on Moshi Moshi Records. The label responsible for giving us: Florence and the Machine and The Drums. With a driving four on the floor drumbeat, offset by delicate minimalist guitar, reminiscent of Oxford contemporaries Foals. “Microlite” is the very best of what Trophy Wife have to offer.

Microlite Official video:

The band’s second single “The Quiet Earth” follows a similar template to their debut, again with the four on the floor but with the guitar being propped up by piano chords almost lifted straight from a 90s dance song. Sounding like something Cascada would be proud of. Trophy Wife will support Esben and the Witch before heading off on their first headline tour later this month. You can download the bands acoustic rendition of their single “Microlite” below, which includes the addition of a very beautiful string section.

Microlite Acoustic
Listen to Trophy Wife on Myspace


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