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London band Bombay Bicycle Club have been the apple of my eye for quite some time but this is the first opportunity I’ve had a chance to write about them. Two months ago the band released their beautiful second album ‘Flaws’, the folk influenced LP is quite the departure from their heavily distorted debut, with delicately plucked banjo and Flamenco style guitar making up the bulk of the album. At only 33 minutes this is a short but sweet affair but what the album may lack in length, it makes up for in an abundance of maturity, with the stripped back nature exposing each songs true beauty.

Leading up to the release of ‘Flaws’, the band posted live performances of every track on the album in a variety of places, ranging from street corners to house roof tops, each superbly shot by the wonderful people at Watch Listen Tell. Below you can see the video for their half cover of Joanna Newsom’s Swansea (lyrics by Joanna, music by Bombay).

Today’s MP3 is the bands acoustic reworking of ‘Evening/Morning’. Original a distorted bass-driven anthem on their debut, this blue grass version of the song is available free if you sign up to the bands mailing list here, or you can download it from us below:

MP3: Evening/Morning (Acoustic)
Purchase ‘Flaws’ on iTunes.


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